Monday, 21 December 2015

Week 8

Week 8 ( Drilling and Soldering process)

For this week, we are doing the drilling and soldering process. Next, after we have finished the etching process, we set up all the component on the PCB board that we have drill all the holes on it. Then, we solder all the components.

Below here are the picture of the activity:

Drilling process

Soldering process

In order to drill the PCB and solder the components, we must take a precaution on doing it. This because, if something unnecessary thing occur on the PCB or the components, it could possibly damage it. When this occur, it is gonna waste your time to buy another PCB and the components. Before doing the process, you are advised to have another set of the components and PCB board so that if anything happen you will waste time to buy it again.

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