Monday, 21 December 2015

Week 13

Week 13 ( Preparation of the Slide Presentation and Decoration )

For this week, we are making the powerpoint slide to show a briefly description of our project. Next, we make a simple slide and easy for the assessor and also the audience to read and understand about our project. Apart from that, we also buy some stuff such as gift and decoration material for our booth. Lastly, we a make quick studied to increase our understanding and knowledge on what we want to do during the presentation day.

Below here are some decoration materials that we bought:

Hasil carian imej untuk yellow tablecloth
Table cloth

Hasil carian imej untuk brown paper bag
Paper bag

Week 12

Week 12 ( Poster and Pamplet )

This day we had last briefing for Final Year Project for this semester. The requirement that we needed went presenting this project at Gemilang Hall is poster and also the pamplet.

Below here are the outline of our poster that we did for this project before present it to our assessor soon:

Week 11

Week 11 ( Report Preparation )

For this week, we do the report for our project. All the results and analysis that we get must be included in the report. Moreover, we do all together all the chapters from introduction until the result including the methodology of this project. But first we must draft the report and give it to our supervisor to check of our content and the correct format for this report. After that, we have made some changes due to some mistakes. Then, we have printed it out and make two copy of hard cover of the report to send it to the library and also to our supervisor to fulfill our assessment on this project.

Week 10

Week 10 ( Final Assembly)

For this week, we are searching for a box that is suitable for our project. Both of us going to Jalan Pasar to find the box and also the other things. Lastly, we manage to find the right box that is lightweight and fit enough to put our project.

Below here are the box to put our project:

Box for our project

Week 9

Week 9 ( Trouble shooting)

For this week, we are doing the trouble shooting for our circuit. There is a bit problem on our circuit that is we have a mistake at the position of the IC and also the antenna that we want to place it in the PCB board. At the end, we manage to know how to handle it correctly.

Trouble shooting process

Week 8

Week 8 ( Drilling and Soldering process)

For this week, we are doing the drilling and soldering process. Next, after we have finished the etching process, we set up all the component on the PCB board that we have drill all the holes on it. Then, we solder all the components.

Below here are the picture of the activity:

Drilling process

Soldering process

In order to drill the PCB and solder the components, we must take a precaution on doing it. This because, if something unnecessary thing occur on the PCB or the components, it could possibly damage it. When this occur, it is gonna waste your time to buy another PCB and the components. Before doing the process, you are advised to have another set of the components and PCB board so that if anything happen you will waste time to buy it again.

Week 7

Iron and Etching process

For this week, we able to do the etching process. The equipment and things that we need are Copper board, the printed circuit diagram plastic paper which is plastic transparent, an iron, hot water and acid for the etching process.

Below here we attach some pictures of the process:

Copper board

Iron process

Etching process