Sunday, 15 November 2015

Week 4

On this week, my partner and I search some components and buy that need to build our mobile phone detector. Both of us went to Jalan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur and bought all the components that is needed for our final year project.

Below is the list of components:

a)  Resistor:

  1. R1- 2.2MΩ
  2. R2- 100kΩ
  3. R3- 2.2MΩ
  4. R4- 1kΩ
  5. R5- 12kΩ
  6. R6- 15kΩ

b) Capacitor:

Ceramic capacitor
  1. C1- 22pF
  2. C2- 22pF
  3. C3- 0.22μF
  4. C5- 47pF
  5. C6- 47pF
  6. C7- 0.1μF
  7. C8- 0.01μF
Electrolytic capacitor

  1. C4- 100μF/ 16V
  2. C9- 4.7μF/ 16V

c) CA3130 Operational Amplifier:

d) Transistor:

T1- BC548

e) 555 Timers:

f) Antenna:

Wire type- detection area until 1.5m
Alternative- telescope antenna radio type, detection area until 20m

g) Piezo-buzzer:

h) Light Emitting Diode (LED):

i) On-off switch:

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